Jesse Winter Heading


Jesse Winter Heading is a Vancouver based photographer who shoots fashion, model portfolio building, commercial photography, musicians & bands, portraits, nightlife photography and general art photography.

An avid fan of the creative process, Jesse achieves a crisp familiarity and realism while utilizing modern and abundant lighting techniques. This usage, paired with his keen eye for detail and composition, allows him to pull out incredibly complex and eye capturing images.

The images that he creates for both his personal work, as well as commissioned works, follow a creative regime... simple is great... simple is the end product... but the path to simple is quite often complicated. If given the time, Jesse can spend hours with pre-planning, drawing up lighting diagrams, and ensuring that his envisioned shot is born with exacting precision, though, pulling from his years of shooting, he's no stranger to just winging it when the opportunity rears its face.

Editorial concepts and shots are often spawned by his degree in Creative Writing; the robust visuals often arriving as a loosely created story.

Positive attitudes reside on all his shoots. What is the point of spending the majority of your time doing something that you aren't passionate about. He ensures that his whole crew shares in this ideal.

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